Crude Awakening” –

  • Obtained and analyzed a database of over 61,000 spills from Alberta’s oil industry
  • Traveled to report several stories based on the data
  • Wrangled data for set of interactive graphics and worked with designer to create them
  • Winner of RTDNA national award for Digital Media

The Gardiner: Trouble Overhead” –

  • Used Freedom of Information laws to obtain records of hundreds of issues with the bridge
  • Created own database based on documents, used it for news series as well as basis of interactive graphic
  • Winner of RTDNA national awards for best In-depth/Investigative and Digital Media
  • Winner of regional Edward R. Murrow award for Continuing Coverage

Deaths in detention: CBSA’s fatal failure to learn from its mistakes” –

  • Requested a database of all CBSA immigration detainees through Access to Information
  • Found mentions in the data of individuals released because “deceased”
  • Tracked down names and causes of death through coroners’ reports, immigration hearing records and other sources, to put names to the data points wherever possible
  • Story still used as a credible source for statistics on deaths in CBSA custody today

What happened to Jim? Experiments on Canada’s indigenous populations” –

  • Written in response to a reader email from a residential school survivor
  • Used Library and Archives documents to show the extent of experimentation at the residential school attended by the reader
  • Found out what had likely happened to Jim, including an experiment he didn’t realize was happening

New infrastructure funding mostly spent in Conservative ridings” –

  • Used publicly-available data on federal infrastructure announcements to show how most pre-election spending was in ridings held by the incumbent government
  • Created an interactive map of the projects to help illustrate the story
  • Part of federal election coverage for Global News

Inside Azraq, Jordan’s pre-fab refugee camp” –

  • Travelled to Jordan and visited the newly-opened Azraq refugee camp
  • Took photos and interviewed Syrian refugees for a piece about life in the camp

Germany’s enduring attachment to coal” –

  • Was selected as an Arthur F. Burns fellow and travelled to Germany to research their green energy program
  • Spent time in the Lausitz region, examining how the focus on green energy was leaving the coal-producing region behind
  • Used photos and interactive charting tools to illustrate the story

Seized at the border” –

  • Used Access to Information request as basis for series of stories
  • Focused on how data showed unexpected drug and weapons seizures, researched and wrote three stories
  • Worked with designer to create set of infographics, and television reporters for TV news reports

Counting Canada – Census 2011” –

  • Worked in a team to delve into newly-released census data
  • Helped to create a series of maps and graphics to show the data
  • Created a data mash-up, superimposing a map of a newly-approved transit plan on top of a map of population density

Access to Information and Social Justice

  • Contributed chapter on data journalism to book geared toward teaching journalists and activists how to use freedom of information legislation
  • Explained how to request data from governments and how to perform some basic analysis on the material in Excel

Metro sewage plants failing federal tests” – The Vancouver Sun

  • Researched and wrote story on sewage treatment in Vancouver
  • Used publicly-available documents to show that sewage plants were not meeting environmental standards


“Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground” – PBS Frontline/World

  • Winner of 2009 Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a News Magazine
  • Worked as co-producer, researching, filming and conducting interviews on location in India
  • Also helped research and write much of the documentary’s accompanying website


Methadone Treatment in Ottawa – CBC Radio Ottawa

  • Produced tape-talk and radio documentary package on methadone treatment shortages

“Share Central” – CBC Radio Ottawa

  • Produced live 3-hour remote broadcast
  • Found compelling stories, arranged interviews, produced sound packages and scripted entire program
  • Helped raise over $44,000 for local charities

Associate Producer – CBC Radio

  • Regular contributor to CBC Radio programs All in a Day, Ottawa Morning
  • Contributor to CBC National Radio political affairs program The House
  • Arranging and scripting interviews, producing soundscapes and audio packages, arranging and timing out broadcasts
  • Radio news reporting
  • Also produced radio double-enders for non-local programs